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11 Tips on Choosing an Engagement Ring

When it comes to popping the question the first thing that we usually think of is a beautiful big sparkly ring that will leave the girl of your dreams speechless.


Where do you start?

How do you pick the PERFECT ring?

We have 11 tips on helping you choose the

perfect engagement ring!


1) Choose the right band.

The band is the circular part of the ring that sits around the finger. It's usually made from gold, silver, or platinum, although it can be made from some other combination of metals. When you choose your engagement ring, it's important to have a sense of which band would be best for your lady.

2) Choose the right setting.

The setting refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place, which is attached to the band. The setting can be "pronged" or "invisible". A setting with a bezel, or at least six prongs for some redundancy, can be safer for a ring that is likely to be worn during significant activity.

3-Choose the right size.

Choosing the ring size of the band is an important part of choosing the right engagement ring. One way you can figure out her ring size is by sneaking out one of the rings she wears a lot to have a jeweler figure out the size -- as long as she doesn't have time to miss it. You can take the less-reliable eyeball approach; an average ring size is about a 7, and you can try to get a sense of whether your girl's fingers are a bit bigger or smaller than average. (of course, if you don't guess correctly, you can have it resized to make it larger or smaller. If you're unsure, going with a bigger size is the better option, because it's easier to size a ring down than it is to size it up)

4-Choose a good jeweler.

The main thing to remember here is that expensive doesn't necessarily equate the best jeweler. Look for a store that makes you feel comfortable, where the staff are pleasant and helpful, and where the advice they provide gels with you. It never hurts to go on Yelp or other review sites and to see what the clientele is saying.

5-Find out what your fiancée would want.

If you're purchasing the ring without her, choosing one will be will more difficult where the ring is a surprise because obviously you won't be able to ask her. Do keep in mind that nowadays, many women prefer to be part of a joint decision to purchase a ring, so if you find it really difficult to know her style and taste, provide a temporary ring and tell her that you'll choose the real one together.


6-Fix your budget.

There is a tradition that holds that a man should spend two months of his salary on the engagement ring. Whether or not you do this will depend on your wish to conform to tradition. What does matter is that you select a ring according to what you can afford, so have a good idea of this amount before searching.

7-Check the practicality of the ring.

If your girlfriend is a real outdoorsy type, consider a ring that is able to cope with the wear and tear of constant activities. The higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it is for it to get caught on clothes, gear, hair, etc. and the greater likelihood that it'll get knocked about. Look for a lower gemstone setting for an active girl, and a higher setting for a fashionista or glamor girl.

8-Check the durability of the band.

The durability of the band is important, as constant rubbing and knocking from daily activities will eventually wear down the band. Office work is a killer, with paper acting as a mild abrasive on gold bands. If you can afford it, platinum is the preferred choice for wedding bands as it is more durable than gold. Titanium and steel are also fairly resistant, while the purer the gold, the softer it is and more prone to wear and tear.

9-Know your diamonds.

Diamonds tend to be the traditional engagement ring choice, because they are enduring, and match everything. Diamonds are the hardest material that’s why it’s suitable as a gemstone for diamond solitaire engagement rings. They don’t lose their polish and they are resistant to scratching. The only way for diamonds to be scratched is by other diamonds. Only deviate from a diamond if you know that your girlfriend loves another stone much, much more, or has voiced her intense dislike of diamonds.


10-Choose the right cut of diamond.

There are different ways to cut a diamond, and the type of cut impacts the diamond's sparkle. The cut that produces the most sparkle is the round (or brilliant) cut, while radiant and princess cuts are good at hiding flaws. Other cuts include square, emerald, pear, marquise, cushion, asscher, and heart-shaped. The oval shape looks best with larger stones, and looks bigger than the round cut.

11-Purchase the ring.

Collect it just before the proposal. That way you can avoid worrying about keeping it safe and not loosing it :)

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